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Clear Startup:

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If you have too many programs running in the background then this can drastically slow down your computer. A quick look at the icons beside your clock will give you a basic idea, although all running programs will not necessarily be listed there.

Please not that it is important to keep your virus checker and firewall enabled.

So to disable programs do the following:

  • To do this Click on "START" then "RUN"
  • Or Windows key + R
  • Or Start, All Programs, Accessories and then click on "Run"
  • Type "MSCONFIG" and then click "OK"


  • Click on "STARTUP" at the top right hand side, now delete programs you don't need. Basically what you do need is anti-virus software, firewall software, and any files which you use all the time, ie software for the extra buttons of your keyboard etc.


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  • Finally click OK and reboot, and test computer, anything you find disabled, just follow procedure and  enable it again

How to Reinstall Windows