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How to speed up your Windows 7, Vista or XP computer with free software, software and hardware updates and registry cleans. Page 2.

6.Useful free software.

This section has a list of software that will help you resolve and fix those computer speed problems.

Using software developed for such tasks can drastically reduce the time needed and the knowledge required that's needed to fix many speed issues on a computer. 

7.System Updates.

Keeping your computers operating system and drivers up to date is very important. Check out this section for  information on how to resolve and update. Click for Guide

For example keeping your graphics driver updated can improve performance of the graphics card by quite a significant amount. I recall one such driver that gave a performance boast of 40% from the original. Having no driver or a generic one will cause large performance drops.

8.Upgrade Hardware.

Many computers are built and sold with bare minimal specification, as Microsoft releases updates the operating system can become more resource hungry, and can cause your system to dramatically slow.

Read our quick guide on upgrading and the do's and don'ts that you should know.

Always remember if in doubt ask someone who knows, either on a support line or at a store where you will purchase the hardware.

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Although easy to fit hardware upgrades should be down by a professional as serious damage can be done to your system if you do it wrong.

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9.Clean Registry.

Have you noticed that the longer you have your computer, the slower it runs and the more it crashes? Often this is because whenever you install or uninstall software, add or remove hardware, or change your computer’s settings, the Windows registry is updated. These changes can leave the registry fragmented, with obsolete, corrupted and, in some cases, harmful files. Over time the registry starts to get bogged down and conflicts emerge. Left unchecked, your system will become increasingly unstable, run more slowly and crash more frequently. 

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How to Reinstall Windows